When Emma adopted Lux from her local shelter back in August of 2018, she decided to enroll him in a pet insurance plan, Companion Protect. Since then, Companion Protect has helped protect Emma and Lux from the unexpected on multiple occasions. Emma shares her story of an impactful event that enforced the benefits of pet insurance, with hopes it will help other pet parents like her.

Growing up in a house full of pets, I knew how expensive pet medical care can be, but I didn’t know pet insurance was even a thing until I adopted Lux, a blue tabby of fives month. The shelter slipped a flyer for Companion Protect into his adoption packet, so I signed up. I knew signing up was the right choice, but I wasn’t expecting the coverage to come in handy so quickly!

I knew something was seriously wrong with Lux when he lost interest in food and play. After months of stressful testing, trial and error, my vet recommended I take him to a dermatologist. That’s when we discovered Lux has pododermatitis, a rare autoimmune disorder that causes his front paw pads to painfully swell up. Thankfully, the dermatologist was able to prescribe the proper medication and we are now managing the disorder.

Filing the claim was much easier than I anticipated. I hopped on the computer, filled out the form and received a confirmation email shortly after. That’s it. I love my cat, and thanks to Companion Protect I’ve been able to provide him the treatment he needs, without going into the red. Within the first year of my time with Lux, Companion Protect has already saved me thousands of dollars.

I suggest everyone I know to sign up for Companion Protect, especially if they’ve just adopted a new pet. The monthly payments are entirely worth the money I’ve saved, and Lux is worth the money spent. Thank you Companion Protect for helping us through the scary and stressful times. You have really made a difference in both of our lives.

If you’re planning on adopting a new pet, or if you already have a best friend, a long-term healthcare plan from Companion Protect will cover you and your furry loved one from the unexpected. Click here to fetch a quote!

Written by Jackson DietzJACKSON DIETZ
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