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5 Fun Celebrations Perfect For Any Dogccasion

Whether it’s a birthday, Gotcha Day, or just because, your pooch deserves only the best when it comes to tail-wagging fun. To show your pup appreciation and love during any celebration, consider including one or more of these fun ideas in your festivities. 1.  A Fun-Packed Play Date No party is complete

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Tabitha and Cash: A Pet Insurance Story

When Tabitha and her boyfriend chose to get a dog, they were skeptical about pet insurance. Tabitha’s boyfriend emphasized that while their new dog, Cash, didn't have any issues, anything could happen in the future. Soon after, the couple decided to enroll Cash in Companion Protect®. In the following article, Tabitha shares her

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9 Ingenious Ways to Celebrate Your Cat (on Their Birthday or Gotcha Day)!

Me-YOW! Let's get this party started! We often associate a pet’s birthday or gotcha day celebration as being more for our other furry companion, the dog. But make no mistake, cats are worth celebrating too! If you’re a cat parent, you’ll agree that they not only enjoy being spoiled rotten; they also

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