Celebrate your Cat

Me-YOW! Let’s get this party started!

We often associate a pet’s birthday or gotcha day celebration as being more for our other furry companion, the dog. But make no mistake, cats are worth celebrating too! If you’re a cat parent, you’ll agree that they not only enjoy being spoiled rotten; they also demand it. Here are nine ingenious ways to celebrate (ehem, spoil) your cat on their birthday or gotcha day.

  • Have gifts to open at home

Your cat may not love a trip to the store to pick out a new toy or treat like a dog certainly would, so why not bring the joy home to them? Pick out the purrfect toy and treat for your kitty to delight in on their celebratory day.

Toy ideas:

  • Catnip toy
  • Feather wands
  • Cat kicker
  • Stimulus toy
  • Hemp string

Treat ideas*:

  • Catnip
  • Freeze dried treats
  • Wet treat sticks/pouches
  • Spider plant or “Cat grass**

*As always, consult with your vet before feeding your pet anything new!
Here’s a master list of non-toxic plants deemed safe by ASPCA.


  • Decorate

We all know cats don’t care about decorations … unless it’s something they can chase, scratch, or climb … are we right? So, what at-home, cat-friendly décor is worth the effort for your self-absorbed feline? Here are a few ideas:

  • Try sprucing up your cat’s favorite rooms with hanging hemp string. You can nab a roll at your local arts and crafts store.
  • Scatter treats around your home that will entice your kitty’s hunting instincts.
  • Provide a cardboard box to muster up their unique imagination. Let’s be real: They’ll probably give this more interest than any other toy.
  • Play nature sounds to make them feel like they’ve entered the Amazonian jungles.

Excessive? Probably, but cat parents get it.

Cat in box

  • Take time for a photo opp

Capture the purrfect photo of your ferocious feline friend on their birthday or gotcha day. Tip: Use treats to entice your cat to cooperate during your shoot. Share your best shot on social, and/or send it off to be printed and framed.

Because cat parents need pampering too, send your photo to Crown and Paw for a hilariously eloquent, framed addition to your home, or use it for a fun paint-your-pet night at your local wine and paint place. Cheers!

Crown and Paw Cat Portrait

(Crown and Paw Cat Portrait)

  • Make a birthday / gotcha day cake*

What good is a celebratory day without a celebratory cake!? Try this simple, fancy recipe on for taste. *Consult with your vet before feeding your pet anything new!

  • Play an interactive game

Games for your cat are easier than you think. It can be as simple as whipping out your smartphone and opening YouTube! Here are some cute YouTube games to play with your feisty feline (and may the odds be ever in their favor):

YouTube alternative: Head over to your smartphone app store for other fun cat games to download.

  • Put on a celebratory outfit

Your cat’s the boss. If they’ll allow it, dress them up in a fun birthday or gotcha day outfit. While helping your cat don their get-up, keep an eye out for signs that your cat is uncomfortable or stressed. If your cat is telling you heck no from the get-go, don’t force this one!

Outfit for your cat a no-go? Put on a costume yourself! Your cat will think you’re super annoying, and that’s the fun of it.

  • Take a stroll outside*

Do you have a safe and comfortable cat backpack or stroller? If you feel your cat would enjoy this, take them for a safe and peaceful stroll outside, weather permitting. If your cat is leash trained, take the opportunity to go for a short and safe walk in your yard.

*If attempting this for the first time, consult with your vet first to ensure your cat stays as safe as pawsible.

Cat on leash

  • Sing a birthday / gotcha day song

What good is a birthday without being serenaded to the (usually off-key) tune of a birthday song? Your cat won’t care, but give it a go! (Sing it with some cattitude.)

Need a celebratory gotcha day song? Try this one for cat kicks.

3 cheers to you! Hip-hip, hooray!

  • Send a photo to their former foster parent or animal shelter

We saved the best for last. Celebrate your cat’s big day by sending their former foster parent or animal shelter a picture to let them know how they’re doing! Fostering or working in an animal shelter is hard, but staff and volunteers are there because they truly love and understand cats and want to help them find their forever home. Providing an update on your cat will surely make their day.

At Companion Protect, we’re cat parents too. And not just parents! Many of our staff are either former veterinary technicians, spend their free-time volunteering at local animal shelters, or are foster parents themselves. We know a thing or three about cats, and we know they deserve to be celebrated too. We’re glad you’re part of the Companion Protect family and celebrate in your cat’s special day!

Shayne Storey with her friend, Helga, the pig!SHAYNE STOREY
Marketing Specialist

Shayne has a few years experience in digital marketing, content creation and animal care, with her previous role as New Media Intern at The Humane League. In her free-time she loves to cycle (with her dog on her back) and practice yoga. A social cause she cares about is climate change, the welfare of factory farmed animals, and racial equality. Her favorite food is vegan mac & cheese.