When Tabitha and her boyfriend chose to get a dog, they were skeptical about pet insurance. Tabitha’s boyfriend emphasized that while their new dog, Cash, didn’t have any issues, anything could happen in the future. Soon after, the couple decided to enroll Cash in Companion Protect®. In the following article, Tabitha shares her story of how Companion Protect was there for her furry loved one when the unexpected happened.

I had always been anti-pet insurance due to all the bad experiences I heard from friends. However, when we first brought Cash home, my boyfriend convinced me to enroll him in a plan. He told me he’s young and happy now, but anything could happen down the line.

We first started noticing odd behavior with Cash’s personality. He wasn’t jumping around like he normally did; he was lethargic and not even running. He appeared very stoic, which was not his typical demeanor. Insurance was the furthest thing from my mind. What was most important was for Cash to not be in pain. We knew something was wrong, so we scheduled a visit to the vet. The vet referred us to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon was wonderfully helpful and made it clear the surgery would be an expensive procedure because it involved both of Cash’s legs.

…Honestly, I didn’t expect the surgery to be covered. I was stunned when we received the check from Companion Protect a few days later. Not only did they cover the procedure, but they also helped with the medication Cash was prescribed for recovery and is still currently on. The premium is worth every penny.

Tabitha, Cash's Mom

If you are considering adopting a new pet, or if you already have a companion, a long-term healthcare plan from Companion Protect will provide coverage to you and your furry loved one when the unexpected occurs. Click here to start protecting your pet!

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