Celebrate your dog

Whether it’s a birthday, Gotcha Day, or just because, your pooch deserves only the best when it comes to tail-wagging fun. To show your pup appreciation and love during any celebration, consider including one or more of these fun ideas in your festivities.

1.  A Fun-Packed Play Date
No party is complete without friends! If you have a large backyard or live near a dog park, inviting friends and their dogs to a (socially distanced) group play date is fun for you and your pooch! Group play sessions are ideal for younger dogs who have lots of energy and enjoy active and rambunctious behavior. If your furry friend is older or feels stressed in groups, one-on-one play time with familiar dogs of a similar age and size is better.

Puppy Play Date

2. Tasty Treats
Nothing says “I love you!” more than a delicious treat. For your pup’s special day, consider picking up (or ordering) gourmet eats from a dog treat bakery. In addition to using canine-approved ingredients, these bark boutiques have options to meet the unique dietary needs of your pooch. If you enjoy cooking, you can also treat your pup to homemade eats liked steamed chicken and rice. Be sure to avoid heavy or toxic ingredients that could upset your pup’s stomach, and don’t forget to consult with your vet before crafting a homemade meal for your dog.

Tasty Treats

3. A Day Outside
While our pups are cuddly companions on the couch, they also have a love for the great outdoors that harkens back to their wild ancestors. To encourage your dog to embrace their canine instincts, give them some time in nature. Whether it’s a few extra hours in the backyard or additional time at the dog park, your pup will thank you for the heaping helping of the outdoor time. You can also up the outdoors by taking your pup to a dog-safe swimming area or trail. Total immersion in nature is not only fun for your dog but also therapeutic (and you’ll have a tired pup that’s ready for a nap on the couch afterwards).

Dog playing ball outside

4. New Toys/Beds
Just like humans, the idea of a new toy is sure to excite your pup. Whether you’re replacing an old favorite or adding a totally new toy to the collection, there’s no doubt that your dog will love it. If your fur-friend doesn’t need an extra toy, consider swapping their bed with a comfy update. If you feel like going the extra mile, opt for super-soft Tempur-Pedic pads.

Dog chewing on new toy

5. Spend Some One-On-One Time
Few things make your dog happier than your undivided attention. Whether your pup is a energetic fetching pro or a relaxed couch napper, dedicate a few hours to enjoying your pooch’s favorite activity with them. When you’re with your dog, try to avoid spending time on your phone; the more focus you can give your pup, the more fun they’ll have!

1-on-1 time with dog

At Companion Protect, we’re dog parents too. Many of our staff are either former veterinary technicians, spend their free-time volunteering at local animal shelters, or are foster parents themselves. We know our four-legged best friends deserve to be celebrated too. We’re glad you’re part of the Companion Protect family and celebrate in your dog’s special day!

Not part of the Companion Protect family? Though not necessarily fun for your dog, investing in their health and wellness is the ultimate gift for any occasion. No matter their breed, age, or size, protecting your pup (and your wallet) against accidents and injuries with no-gimmick, no-gotcha pet insurance from Companion Protect will ensure fun celebrations with your pooch for years to come. Protect your pup today!

Written by Wilson WeaverWILSON WEAVER
Wilson has written for brands in the tech, e-commerce, construction, health, and finance industries. In his free time, he enjoys cooking for friends and family, spoiling his dog-daughter (Penny), painting, and playing music with friends. And speaking of food, his favorite meal is his mom’s pot roast and mashed potatoes!