How to safely remove a tick from a dog

Ticks for kicks? No thanks!

With the return of the tail-wagging fun of spring and summer also comes the return of tick season — and the threats it poses to your pup’s health. Fortunately, tick preventives reduce the threat, but it’s still important to check your dog for any latched ticks after any outdoor activity. Use this quick how-to to safely remove these unwanted pests.

The Danger of Ticks

Though these small pests may seem like a minor annoyance, they can actually cause serious health issues for your pup. Tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis exist in all 50 states and can affect any dog – especially those who spend most of their time indoors.

Removing a Tick

Locate the tick. Be sure to thoroughly search your dog to ensure there aren’t other ticks hiding.

Locate Tick

Locate fine-point tweezers or a tick hook. Broader tipped tweezers can pinch your dog’s skin, pull hair, and make it difficult to cleanly remove the tick.

Tick Hook

Spread the dog’s hair to reveal the tick. Using tweezers, grab the tick as close to the skin as possible.

Grab the tick with hook

Gently pull upwards away from the dog’s body. Avoid pulling too hard. Excessive force can leave the tick’s mouth parts in the skin and expel infectious material.

Once you’ve removed the tick from your dog, clean the bite area with rubbing alcohol, and rinse the tweezers or tool with a disinfectant.

Clean the wound and hook

Tick Prevention
Though it’s difficult to ensure your pet remains completely tick-free, preventive medicines (or flea and tick sprays) can help to reduce bites. Though these preventives are ideal for all dogs, they’re highly recommended for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors in grassy or wooded areas.

Though Companion Protect® doesn’t cover preventives or Lyme Disease directly, if your pet has been on a documented tick preventative and contracts Lyme Disease, treatment will be covered. With rising vet costs, there’s no better time than now to insure your pet so you’re not stuck between deciding to settle for care you can afford or the care your pet really needs. Fetch a no-obligation quote today!

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How to remove tick from a dog