5 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

Few things are as scary as a missing pet. To guard against the panic of an escaped furry friend, millions of pet parents are chipping their four-legged companions. Here’s a quick look at the 5 reasons you should join the growing number of owners relying on microchips to increase the odds of their pets being returned to them once found.

1. Microchips act as permanent identification.

As all pet owners know, escapes happen. Microchips are a viable way to ensure a lost pet gets returned to their owner. Visible ID tags and collars can snag, break, or be removed, but microchips are permanent. If a good Samaritan has located a lost pet and brings them to the nearest shelter or vet clinic, staff will first scan for a microchip to identify an owner and contact them right away.

2. Microchips guard against theft

Unfortunately, pet theft happens, particularly animals of certain pedigree. In some jurisdictions, an inserted and registered microchip can be determined as proof of ownership. If your pet becomes lost or stolen, you can contact your chip registry to report it, preventing someone else from re-registering your pet’s chip in their name.

3. Chipping is painless

While chipping may seem like it would be painful, the process is almost completely pain-free and only takes a few seconds. The procedure is also ideal for all sizes and breeds of pets. Most microchips are placed just below the skin; if your pet experiences pain, it will only last a second.

4. They’re easy to keep current

Microchips use online databases to store your information and your pet’s important medical information … which is why it’s important to register your microchip after it’s been implanted. If you move, get a new phone number, or need to update any other information, you can (and should) quickly make changes on their website, app, or sometimes over the phone. (No more waiting on new tags to show up in the mail!)

5. You can increase your pet’s freedom

With the security of a microchip, you can say “yes!” to more adventures with your pet. From more backyard exploration to increased freedom at the dog park, a microchip is the ideal way to do more with less worry.

Want to check to see if your chip is registered but not sure what brand you have? Click here to find out!

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Written by Wilson WeaverWILSON WEAVER
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