Meet Whitney, a vet industry pro who knows first-hand how pet insurance helps furry families live healthier and happier lives. Check out how Companion Protect helped this animal health veteran provide care for her new pup when it mattered most!

Of course we hit the COVID-19 pandemic and Chopper (my current pup) needed a friend! I became a foster for Mid-America Rottweiler Rescue because I LOVE Rottweilers. The moment I was able to officially adopt him, Justice (Chopper’s new friend), he also got signed up for Companion Protect®. Justice weighs 109 pounds. All of his care is more expensive because he is a bigger dog. Hands down, getting pet insurance for him has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. 

This past fall, Justice started having some problem with his mobility. He had to make several vet trips, have x-rays, see an orthopedic doctor, and we found out he has an injured elbow and has problems with his hips. He also has a digestive issue requiring him to be on prescription food along with his medication for his mobility. By this past winter, Justice had regular monthly bills with his regular food and medications.  All these are expensive, but he needs them to be comfortable. Without Companion Protect, it would have been more difficult to provide him with all the things he needs.

All insurance companies are not the same. I was hoping for something better and I found the BEST!!  I found Companion Protect. From day 1, my coverage has been very easy to understand. I know what my premium is; I know what my deductible is; I know how claims worksIt’s really, really easy.

—Whitney, Justice & Chopper’s Mom 

If you are considering adopting a new pet, or if you already have a companion, a long-term healthcare plan from Companion Protect will provide coverage to you and your furry loved one when the unexpected occurs. Click here to learn more and protect your pet! 

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