Congratulations on your new pup!

Congratulations on the newest addition to your furry family! Bringing home a new dog is always exciting, but it can cause your existing pupper a little stress without the right plan to make introductions. Here’s a quick look at how to help your dogs enjoy a happy hello!

Although you shouldn’t be interacting with them, never leave them alone or unsupervised during these initial introductions. If at anytime you are seeing signs of discomfort from either dog, remove them from the situation, allow them to focus on being calm, and then try again. Keep these sessions short and sweet, and as frequently as possible.

Most importantly, don’t forget to be patient and give yourself and your animals time to adjust. There is no definitive timeline on introduction success. Enjoy your time with your new dog and focus on making it stress-free for all animals involved. For everything else, there’s Companion Protect®. Protect your pets (and your wallet) from the unexpected!

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Prior to Companion Protect, Jordan worked as a veterinary technician for 6 years in both private practice and animal shelters. She’s a proud animal advocate, strong anti-BSL supporter, and active dog foster. She’s also a proud mom to loveable pittie, Brewer, sassy boxer mix, Ellie, and a toothless cat named Drools. In her free time she enjoys yoga, breweries, patio sitting, and adventures in her local Kansas City area.

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