Looking for the perfect gift? Skip the techy gadgetry, pricey jewelry, or trendy clothing. Instead, consider giving your loved one the joy of a new furry best friend – after all, nothing is better than the love and affection of a pet!

However, unlike a gaming console or new clothing, pets shouldn’t be treated like a casual addition to your home. If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your family (or someone else’s), here’s what to consider before adopting a new pet for yourself or someone else.


Not all lifestyles are ideal for a new pet. People with demanding work schedules or busy social lives that cause them to be away from home for long hours may not be ideal for a new pet – particularly a puppy or kitten. Similarly, families with young children or babies might not be a great fit for an older dog or cat; high-energy kids could cause stress and anxiety to senior pets.


While room may not be a major consideration for all pets, it can be a crucial part of a happy and healthy life for others. This is especially true with younger pets and energetic breeds. If a pet requires lots of room and exercise, be sure their future home can accommodate – and that doesn’t always mean a big backyard. Regular walks, daily visits to the dog park, and play dates are ideal options for pet parents living in large cities with small (or non-existent) backyards.


Providing the care all pets deserve is a full-time job. Before gifting a new four-legged family member, be sure you or their new parents are committed to offering the love and affection their new four-legged friend needs, including healthcare! In addition to hugs and cuddles, it’s important that new homes are committed to providing life-long veterinary care.


Being a pet parent is fun, but it can also be expensive. Take time to consider whether adding a pet to the family (or a particular family member’s life) could cause a financial burden. Limited budgets can make caring for a pet difficult, particularly when it comes to providing medical treatment. Without the ability to comfortably afford medical care, pet parents are sometimes faced with heart-breaking decisions.

Existing Pets

While you or your loved one may be ready for a new furry family member, existing pets might not be as excited. Before gifting a four-legged friend, ensure you’ve considered any/all existing pets in the household.

Hard Truth: Many shelters see an increase in returned pets after the holidays, mostly due to the issues outlined above. Before giving a four-legged gift, be sure a new pet is a fit for both the recipient and the dog or cat!

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Written by Wilson WeaverWILSON WEAVER
Wilson has written for brands in the tech, e-commerce, construction, health, and finance industries. In his free time, he enjoys cooking for friends and family, spoiling his dog-daughter (Penny), painting, and playing music with friends. And speaking of food, his favorite meal is his mom’s pot roast and mashed potatoes!