Brittany Matthews ♥’s Companion Protect

Here’s why.

Vet care for your fur babies can be so expensive. Because of that, lots of pet parents are turning to pet insurance. But when Brittany checked out options for her kids, Silver and Steel, she found that coverage was confusing, with tons of exclusions (especially related to breed) and plans she wasn’t convinced would be there for her when she needs them.

Then, she found Companion Protect.

With no breed or age discrimination, affordable premiums for all pet parents that don’t increase due to a pet aging, industry-leading claim approval rates, and honesty up front about excluded pre-existing conditions, Brittany knew Companion Protect was the way to make sure Silver and Steel always have the care they need.

Now, she wants to make sure your pets do, too.

2020 KC Pet Calendars SOLD OUT Online

Brittany’s 2020 Pet Calendar, sponsored by Companion Protect, is SOLD OUT ONLINE. This calendar features Brittany and Patrick with their dogs, as well as Patrick’s teammates with local adoptable shelter pets.

A limited number of calendars are still available at various Kansas City-area HyVee locations.  Quantities vary by location.

All proceeds will be donated to Kansas City-area
animal shelters and 15 and the Mahomies!

At the end of the day, Silver and Steel make me the happiest girl in the world, so having a plan for them is key in my life.

Brittany Matthews, Dog Mom to Silver & Steel

No breed discrimination.

Enroll any pet. Any breed. Any time.
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