Enrolling your furry family member in Companion Protect is easy!

1. Get a quote.

Companion Protect monthly premiums are based on three simple factors: species (dog or cat), your zip code, and your pet’s age. (And don’t worry! Unlike typical pet insurance companies, our rates never increase due to your pet aging!)

2. Submit an online application.

Provide a few details, including best way to contact you, details about your pet, and your veterinarian’s information.

3. Provide recent medical records. 

Companion Protect will request your pet’s medical records from your veterinarian (with your consent, of course!) to process your enrollment and determine if pre-existing condition exclusions apply. We value complete transparency with our customers and never want you to be surprised when it’s time to use your coverage. That’s why we notify you during the enrollment process if any pre-existing conditions will be excluded from your policy. You can rest easy knowing what is covered, up front.

If your furry family member hasn’t visited the vet in a while, it’s no problem! We’ll connect you with a Vetwork Partner in your area to obtain an enrollment exam at no cost!

Once we review your pets medical records, the process is quick! Within just a few days, we complete your enrollment and begin coverage with no waiting periods! That means you can rest easy knowing your four-legged family member is protected from unexpected accidents, injuries, illnesses and more!

Watch for your welcome kit, including policy and your pet’s insurance card in the mail within 3 to 5 business days of enrollment!