Why pet insurance?

Shelter pets are the best.

And they deserve the best. Start their new life on the right paw with a comprehensive pet insurance plan that ensures you’re prepared — and they’re protected for — whatever life throws your way. 

We thought we were going to lose our new puppy, but Companion Protect came through to cover a life-saving surgery, for a fraction of the cost.

Amber R., Dog Mom to Cash

Why your shelter pet needs pet insurance:

The unexpected can happen at any time 

There are a lot of things you can prepare for, budget-wise, when adopting a pet. Food, a litter box, trips to the groomer. But swallowing a sock and needing emergency surgery? Boo, hiss. Do you have a plan?

Pet insurance is a healthcare plan that covers unexpected accidents, injuries, and illnesses. It’s here so you never have to choose between your pet’s health and other financial priorities. 

You can’t know a shelter pet’s entire medical history

Shelters and rescues simply can’t know everything that’s happened to your new buddy in their past life. Unforeseen or untreated health issues are always possible, and proper coverage is critical. 

The cost of treating unforeseen medical issues is a primary reason why adopters relinquish pets to a shelter. 

Vet care is expensive 

Owning a pet isn’t cheap. Worth it…but not cheap. And with the average vet bill costing $1,500, it’s common for pet owners to find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. 


Gotcha day should be the only “gotcha”

At Companion Protect, we love our pets just as much as you love yours. We want to make sure you have a plan you can always count on. No gimmicks. No gotchas. No if’s, and’s or Corgi butts about it.

  • Affordable rates based on species, age, and zip code only
  • No breed discrimination
  • Pre-existing condition exclusions are clearly defined up front
  • Full coverage starts immediately 
  • Industry-leading claim approval rate

We’ve got your back. Ready to protect your pet?

My dog, Gracie, tore her ACL and they were amazing to work with so that we could get her the TPLO surgery that she needed. I highly recommend them. I wish I would have known about them sooner!

Beatrice B., Dog Mom to Gracie

Let us pick up the tab(by) on your vet bills