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Brittany Matthews, Brand Ambassador, with Silver and Steel

Pet insurance can be confusing.

With too much complexity, too many frustrating gotchas, and too many exceptions that leave pet parents stuck facing terrible decisions about care for their loved ones, it’s tricky to tell one company’s plan from another.

At Companion Protect,
we’ve made it simple.

With affordable premiums that don’t increase due to your pet aging, low deductibles and copays, and easy-to-understand (and use) coverage that doesn’t leave you in a bind, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have coverage when you — and your pet — need it most.

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No gimmicks. No gotchas.
Just pet insurance you can count on.

Affordable Pricing

  • Low monthly premium that doesn’t increase due to your pet aging

  • Low deductible

  • 90% paid directly to Vetwork Partner for covered services, with no paperwork for you

  • No pricing discrimination based upon breed

Incredible Coverage

  • Comprehensive coverage for accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

  • Pre-existing condition exclusions are clearly identified at enrollment

  • Great customer service

  • Covered annual wellness exams

Plus an industry-leading claim approval rate!

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We know our plan’s the best.
And we know you’ll agree.

One, easy-to-understand plan with coverage that you can count on.
Today, tomorrow, and for the life of your pet.

With the Companion Protect Vetwork, your pet has up to 90% coverage for:

  • Unexpected Accidents and Injuries

  • Illnesses

  • Chronic Conditions

  • Cancer Treatments

  • Hospitalizations

  • And so much more!

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Save more with the Companion Protect Vetwork!

Vet bills can be expensive. With Companion Protect, you’ll have the coverage you need to make sure decisions about your pet’s healthcare aren’t impacted by financial barriers.

Visit any licensed veterinary hospital to take advantage of your coverage, or visit a Vetwork Partner to enjoy even more benefits!

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Hear why Brittany Matthews insured Silver and Steel with Companion Protect.

Protecting your pets, like Brittany, takes less than a minute.

We just need your zip code, and your pet’s species and age.

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… Said nobody ever about their CP coverage.

You’ll always know what’s covered, with complete transparency at time of enrollment for excluded pre-existing conditions.

I didn’t have pet insurance. And over the last four years I’ve spent about $10,000 on vet bills on my dog Leo. It crippled me financially. I didn’t know much about pet insurance. What I did know I didn’t believe was legitimate. To be honest with you, I didn’t have a plan and that’s my mistake. I don’t want other people to go through what I went through. I believe in Companion Protect and I’m really proud to say that we’re partners with them because I know they’re living up to the promise they’ve made to their customers.
Scott Poore, Owner of Mission Driven Goods

Industry-leading claim approval rate

The best thing since the invention of the
squeaky ball.

Pet insurance is an important part of a patient’s overall health plan. You certainly hope to never use it, but when you need to, it is extremely valuable. I will continue to recommend Companion Protect to all of my clients to ensure the health of their furry family members.
Trent Eddy, DVM (Ironhorse Veterinary Care, Leawood, KS)

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