How to Keep Dog Entertained

By Lucy Masters, Intern at Companion Protect

For pets, their parents being quarantined at home is a big change — they’re not used to us being home all the time. During this time of uncertainty, maintaining routines in the household can help dogs with the feeling of normalcy. Keeping them mentally and physically stimulated while working from home is important.

Fun indoor and backyard games and activities will help your dog let go of some extra energy while dog parks are currently closed. Determining a designated playtime will help sustain both your sanity and your paycheck.

Here are five survival tips for keeping your furry family member entertained while working from home (as always, consult with your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns about your pet’s diet or exercise routine):

  • Turn a T-Shirt Into A Toy
    • What you need: Any old t-shirt or towel, and scissors.
    • What to do: Cut your shirt into strips and braid the strips to make a chew toy. This is good for younger dogs who are wanting to chew up everything that crosses their path.
  • Stuff a Kong
    • What you need: Kong (or any similar shaped-toy sitting around) and a pet-friendly snack.
    • What to do: Stuff your object of choice with peanut butter, canned pumpkin, biscuits, greek yogurt, or any other fillers your dog would enjoy. Freezing it before they get a hold of it will help it last longer. Alternatively, you can stuff it with their regular food and seal it with peanut butter to occupy them for even longer, maybe during their breakfast or dinner time if you’re working during these hours.
  • Peak-A-Boo
    • What you need: Pillows, blankets, or any comfy prop.
    • What to do: Find a window, or area with a view, and make a lounge area for your dog to sit and relax.
  • Obedience Skill Training
    • What you need: Any household item that can be used to make a course or ramp.
    • What to do: Agility training is something all dogs can do if you give them the right tools. An obstacle course around the house will get their minds racing while they are learning new tricks. Even something as simple as a mini racetrack with a household item will change things up in an exciting way.
  • Smelly Dog Rolls (Courtesy of our partners at the Lawrence Humane Society)
    • What you need: Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls (if you stocked up, you’re set!), kibble, dog training scent (optional), and newspaper and gloves (to keep things clean)
    • What to do: Follow the video tutorial below:

I hope this survival guide relieves some of your quarantine stress and keeps your pup entertained so you can be more efficient working from home. Pets make us very happy. Click here to learn how we help you keep them healthy.