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Survival Guide: Keeping Your Dog Entertained While Working From Home

By Lucy Masters, Intern at Companion Protect For pets, their parents being quarantined at home is a big change -- they're not used to us being home all the time. During this time of uncertainty, maintaining routines in the household can help dogs with the feeling of normalcy. Keeping them mentally and

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Pet Cancer 101: What you should know.

By Baillie James, Case Manager/Certified Claims Adjuster for Companion Protect™ Roughly six million dogs and six million cats receive a new cancer diagnosis each year in the United States (National, 2019). Pets over 10 years are especially at risk; nearly 50% of dogs over 10 years will get cancer (AVMA, 2019). These estimates

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28 Foods and Spices Your Dog Should Avoid or Indulge In This Thanksgiving

By Shayne Storey, Implementation Specialist at Companion Protect It happened. Your entire batch of green bean casserole just fell onto the kitchen floor. As you scurry to scoop up the mess, your dogs come running in full charge, and like something out of a horror film, they gobble up the mess just as

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