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9 Ingenious Ways to Celebrate Your Cat (on Their Birthday or Gotcha Day)!

Written by Shayne Storey, Marketing Specialist at Companion Protect Me-YOW! Let's get this party started! We often associate a pet’s birthday or gotcha day celebration as being more for our other furry companion, the dog. But make no mistake, cats are worth celebrating too! If you’re a cat parent, you’ll agree that

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The Benefits of Prescription Pet Food

by Wilson Weaver, Copywriter at Companion Protect® Just like humans, the diet of our pets has far-reaching effects on their overall health. To ensure your four-legged friend has access to nourishment that’s best for their optimal wellbeing, it may be worth scheduling a visit to see your veterinarian. If necessary, your vet may

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Keeping the Cat Claws at Bay

by Shayne Storey, AMPLIFY™ Marketing Specialist at Companion Protect. Every cat parent's dilemma, right? Picture this. You’re sitting down on the couch with dinner in hand, totally engulfed in this new show you’re binging, when you hear the sound all cat parents dread—that one awful sound—claws…to the couch. All you can picture

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting…A New Pet

by Shayne Storey, AMPLIFY™ Marketing Specialist at Companion Protect. Pet adoptions haven't slowed down as much as you might expect with COVID-19 afoot. In fact, between social distancing and working from home, many families are making this the opportune time to bring home their new best friend. Especially when the coronavirus creates a greater

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Pet Cancer 101: What you should know.

By Baillie James, Case Manager/Certified Claims Adjuster for Companion Protect™ Roughly six million dogs and six million cats receive a new pet cancer diagnosis each year in the United States (National, 2019). Pets over 10 years are especially at risk; nearly 50% of dogs over 10 years will get cancer (AVMA, 2019). These

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