As you’re shopping for the perfect gifts for your friends and family, don’t forget about your fur family! To help you find the right holiday treat for your four-legged friends, we asked the Companion Protect® team for their favorite holiday gifts for pets.

Here’s a look at the pet-perfect gift ideas we’ll be giving our furry family – and you should too!

1. New pet beds

Over time, pet beds can become worn, dirty, and even smelly. A new bed will ensure your pet enjoys the holiday season – and beyond – in comfort. Additionally, updated pet beds help to improve the look (and smell) of your home.

2. Cat trees

If you have an active cat, a scratching tree/post is a great way to keep your kitty entertained and their wandering claws away from furniture.

3. Kong toys

Kongs are must-have holiday gifts for any home with a dog. Whether your pup is brand-new or fully grown, these chewable toys are ideal for keeping your four-legged friend occupied. Pro-tip: Fill your Kong with peanut butter and place it in the freezer; a frozen Kong will keep them licking for hours!

4. Catnip

Catnip is a classic holiday gift for pets; however, it may not be for all feline friends. If your cat isn’t a fan of standard catnip, there is an alternative. Matatabi catnip, also known as catnip sticks, is a great option for kitties who may not enjoy traditional catnip treats.

5. Dog bones or chew toys

Dog bones are a great way to treat your dog and help to maintain healthy teeth! Whether they love milk bones, rawhide bones, or even beef knuckles, a dog bone is one of the best holiday gifts for pets! If your dog doesn’t like bones, chew toys are a great alternative!

6. Snuffle mats

A snuffle mat is an interactive toy that allows you to hide treats and encourages your dog to sniff them out. In addition to occupying your pup, snuffle mats also stimulate your dog’s brain, leaving them both happier and smarter!

7. Laser pointers

A simple laser pointer is a simple-yet-stimulating toy that cats of all ages will enjoy. And the best part: This gadget helps your cat get necessary exercise in any sized home, from studio apartments to family homes.

Your pets provide love and joy to you and your family all year long. Take advantage of the holiday season to show them your appreciation with one – or several – of these holiday gifts for pets. Toys aren’t the only gift you can give to your pet. Learn how our no-gimmick, no-gotcha pet insurance can give your pet the best gift of all: long-term health and wellness.

Written by Jackson DietzJACKSON DIETZ
Client Marketing Coordinator
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