DIY outdoor cat shelter

Looking for an easy way to keep community or barn cats warm and cozy during winter weather? With this easy-to-build design, you can craft the perfect outdoor cat house without power tools or expensive materials. In fact, you can construct this cat condo with just a few around-the-house items. Watch our quick video tutorial or read this step-by-step guide to learn how to build an outdoor cat house.

What you’ll need
Here’s a list of the materials and tools you’ll need to build your outdoor cat house:

  • 30-gallon storage tub

  • 17-gallon storage tub

  • Shears/knife

  • Measuring tape

  • Duct tape

  • Styrofoam sheets

  • Straw

Video Credit: Ben Wimer, Business Analyst at Companion Protect

Building your outdoor cat house
Follow these steps to quickly an easily build your outdoor cat home!

Step 1
Using your knife, cut a 6-inch hole in the end of the 30-gallon tub. Be sure to cut away from your body to avoid injury.

Cut an additional, smaller hole in the side or back of the tub to provide an escape route.

Step 2
Cut duct tape into strips and fold them over the rough edges of the opening. Add multiple layers of duct tape to ensure sharp edges are adequately covered.  

Step 3
Cut a 6-inch hole and the escape hole in the 17-gallon tub.

Step 4
Line the rough edges of the opening with duct tape.

Step 5
Measure Styrofoam sheets and cut to the size of the sides and top of your 17-gallon tub. Once cut, duct tape the Styrofoam to corresponding places on the tub.

Step 6
Place the 17-gallon tub inside the 30-gallon tub and fill empty space with draw, fresh straw. To add an additional of comfort, place old towels, shirts, or blankets inside the tub.

Pro tip
If possible, place your outdoor cat house in an area that’s protected from wind and weather; your feline friends will thank you!

Also, don’t forget to regularly check the straw and bedding in your outdoor cat house. These items can become wet and deteriorate over time. Ensuring your cat home is adequately insulated will keep your feline friend warm and cozy all winter long.

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