3 woofs for Maple!

When Amanda and her husband adopted Maple, a brown and white American Pit Bull Terrier, they knew enrolling her in a long-term healthcare plan from Companion Protect® was the right choice. Since enrolling, Companion Protect has helped Maple and her loving family through a couple unexpected accidents. Amanda shares her story of the most impactful of these two events, and how it enforced the benefits of protecting her companion with pet insurance.

As soon as we had adopted Maple, my husband and I knew we wanted to put her on pet insurance. Thankfully, we did.

In the first year of having her, one night she became extremely ill. We rushed her to the local emergency hospital where they ran an ultrasound and x-rays on her. The veterinarian on duty said there was a foreign object in her intestines that appeared to be fabric material. They told us they could perform the surgery immediately. The surgeon had to cut through her stomach to pull out pieces of rope and toy that were blocking her intestines. Without this surgery Maple would have died.

The hospital kept her overnight and monitored her closely. Thankfully, we were able to take her home the next day where she made a complete recovery! The quote for everything was roughly $5,300. Without pet insurance this would have been a significant amount of money to spend. The day we brought Maple home, Sunday, I submitted our claim to Companion Protect. By Friday I had received a check in the mail for $4,000. I cannot recommend Companion Protect enough.

If you are considering adopting a new pet, or if you already have a companion, a long-term healthcare plan from Companion Protect will provide coverage to you and your furry loved one when the unexpected occurs. Click here to learn more and protect your pet!

Written by Jackson DietzJACKSON DIETZ
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